About Destination Offbeat

Destination Offbeat is a joyous initiative of a few like minded travel freak people like you who love travelling and exploring….


We are acquainted  with the corners which are still virgin and determined to bring out the essence of Indian soil and also the less explored places called “The Nest of God“.


We are vowed to glide you through all the tranquil places where the beauty of mother nature is blended with the composite culture and soothing nature of the locals.


We are determined to be your friend, philosopher and guide throughout the journey so that you can have the best of things available. This joyous trips will not only keep u away from the hustle bustle of the city but  will also give you an everlasting smile and a whole new experience. You will be mesmerized experiencing locals hospitality, yet being so desolated and poor. At the same time you will be amazed feeling how rich they are in term of bounty they have from the mother nature herself!


Here the rivers and falls are the arteries of mother nature and snow clad mountains stands as her heart, this will rip out your tiredness, catalyze your soul and will put a overwhelming smile to your face. And this will put us to the satisfaction.


We will wrap your trips in a pocket friendly way, though all our ideas and consultations can be enjoyed by our readers and fellow travelers absolutely free of cost.


So it’s time to pack your luggage and bid adieu to the daily nuisances for few days. And all you need to do is to Contact Us.



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